The Mt Barker Windfarm was commissioned in March of 2011. The project consists of three 800kW E53 Enercon wind turbines are on a hill on a private sheep farm 4 km north of Mt Barker on the western side of Albany Highway. These wind turbines are bigger than those in Esperance but smaller than those in Albany. As Mt Barker is inland, they are on 73m high towers. The project cost was about $8.5 million in total.

Mid April, 2023 The yaw bearings of both T2 and T1 were replaced on the between the 18th and the 22nd of April. The rotors and the nacelles had to be brought to ground level to enable the old yaw bearing to be removed and the new bolted back on. Windy conditions resulted in a delay of 4 days over original plans.

T1 rotor and nacelle back up

Mid September to end of January, 2023 In mid September 2022, the yaw ring of turbine 3 was found to have missing teeth and it's operation was suspended immediately.

On Sunday, 15th of January, 2023 two cranes and crew arrived onsite and began assemblying the main crane. On Monday morning, both the rotor and the nacelle were lifted to the ground. The yaw bearing was replaced with a new yaw bearing and all four yaw drives were replaced. The nacelle was back on the tower by mid Friday however a front blew through over the weekend and the rotor was finally lifed back into place on Monday, 23rd. Commissioning took a few more days but late on the Wednesday, T3 was finally back in operation.

May of 2021 Mid life and the blades undergo some maintenance work;

20/04/2021 Milestone The wind farm reaches 250,000 operational turbine hours.

26/04/2015 Milestone The wind farm reaches 100,000 operational turbine hours in the morning of the 26th of April. Overall availability to date is 99.48%.

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The Mt Barker Wind Project is supported by the Australian Government through the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program. The Program is implemented by the State's Office of Energy in Western Australia.

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